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Our range of Italian Gelato is wide and made in our own laboratory, every day fresh and with original new flavors. Check out our daily status of available flavors, we have over 30 all lined up. Creme gelato, sorbets without lactose, sugar free gelato, vegan friendly . also we provide information if there are flavors that may contain ingredients which can cause intolerence reactions. 



For all the lovers of our products who are not able or don´t prefer to consume dairy products Labonata offers an assortment of alternatives.

There are sorbet ice creams, every day fresh made of 100% natural fruit, as well as sorbet dark chocolate

( super chocolate). In the summer we have a line of Sicilian Granita´s, all made from 100% natural fruit and a good  drink / eat alternative. Our popsicle line is completely sorbet fruit, some of them low sugar friendly and available in more than 20 flavors. 




Explore our range of shakes, coffees and

alternative beverages. We offer over 25 flavors of different milkshakes, also extra thick or special milkshakes like crazy shakes.

Also we have s a wide range of coffee specialities cold and warm, bubble teas, tea specials, frozen smoothies as well as the classic smoothies all made of fresh and natural fruit. Try for example our ¨make me mango ¨ a speciality introduced from Thailand. 

Come and visit our location yourself to find out which product is yours to be.

our products


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This is the story of a Cuban and a Dutch guy who went to Madrid in 2009 to start a gelato store. They introduced a range of new Italian flavours and products which were yet unknown in its appearance. Both had been well trained in The Netherlands and Italy and were about to reintroduce an ice-cream based on cream.















This wasn´t just a lucky shot. In fact the family tradition of Aris Laan , making ice cream goes back to the year 1895,  125 years ago, when Aris Laan , his great grandfather started the ice cream business in the north of the Netherlands. 3 generation thereafter, his family  still run there own businesses in several Dutch cities with a unique one flavour  vanilla kind of ice-cream.

It is therefore that Labonata has been established with a concept bearing in mind this long history to lift this succes to another level introducing Italian Gelato made of Nata.

The nata ( whipped cream) is the reference of all the flavour invented in the laboratory of gelato, all home and fresh made.


Wall of Fame.

Check out below in a brief summary of pictures the way labonata established during the last 11 years.


As you can see we are always busy serving our customers, preparing gelato, cleaning or stocking the store. We open every day as long as the weather is nice and the atmosphere is Gelato friendly. You can also make a reservation the day before to collect special orders for dinner or early events. A special arrangement for pick up can be made with our staff.

Monday - Friday:      14:00 - 22:00 P.M

Saturday:                   14.00 - 24.00 P.M

Sunday:                      14.00 - 22.00 P.M

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