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    Welcome to the new and improved Labonata website.

    Labonata is a concept developed in the Netherlands and introduced to Madrid, Spain, in June 2009. Labonata uses traditional Italian gelato manufacturing techniques and adapts these to meet modern demands for new and exotic flavours. Producing fresh daily in the artisanal way creates gelato with the creaminess of soft ice cream, yet with the quality and taste of Italian gelato.

    So where does the name Labonata come from? The creators of this concept are originally from –respectively- Holland and Cuba. The Dutch founder comes from a family that has a long tradition in ice cream making which goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, almost 100 years ago.

    The beginning

    Grandfather Wim Laan opened a small ice cream shop in Den Helder and in the early 40’s owned dozens of ice cream vans all over the North of Holland. During the Second World War he found living in a naval base too dangerous, and moved to a much smaller town close to the city of Alkmaar, called Heiloo. It was here that his children opened several ice cream parlours selling ice cream made from a unique recipe using plain milk, better known in Spain as “nata”. Up to the present day, the family is renowned for selling only this one unique flavour in cities as Alkmaar and Den Helder. Therefore “nata” became the main ingredient to base Labonata’s concept on.

    Thea Laan Distelbrink ice cream


    A period of developing and manufacturing lead to new varieties of gelato ice cream, in a laboratory of flavours as it were. The laboratory of nata was born, hence the name Labonata. In the years after, Labonata took -and still does take,- a leading role in developing and introducing new varieties, flavours and styles to the Spanish ice cream market. especially to Madrid, where people are not particularly known –yet-  for eating a lot of gelato.

    The Flavours

    Over 250 flavours of gelato have been introduced since its foundation and even more new entries are still to be expected. Ranging from the classic flavours as vanilla, strawberry, pistachio and hazelnut, the more typical Italian range ricotta, panna cotta , mascarpone and zuppa inglesa, to the more specialized flavours such as speculaas, violeta, mojito and miel y flores, and the real innovative specialties ketchup, popcorn, waldmeister and Belgium beer.

    Each day we offer you a tasty selection of the special flavours as well as the traditional Spanish ones, which we also provide. Favourites like turron, dulce de leche, crema catalana and many more. With all these new developments we see it as our responsibility to produce a gelato for everyone, taking more than just flavour into account.

    The Future

    The food business is developing fast, and so does Labonata. In the stores you will find gelato in all varieties, to accommodate a large group of consumers struggling with food intolerances. Labonata has marked all its gelato with POS materials which give information about what can effectively be expected of products labeled as for instance “gluten free”, “lactose free”, “sugar free”. Labonata will continue to try to reduce or replace ingredients which may affect our well-being, such as sugars, fats and carbonates. Today you will find more products than just gelato in the stores. Beside gelato, Labonata offers a wide range of shakes, smoothies, juices, coffees and coffee specialties, ice lollipops, ice cream tarts, ice cream bonbons, a range of Dutch products and much more. Visit us in one of our stores and experience the Labonata sensation.

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