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In our news section we will keep you updated on new products that we create, as well as on the work we do to improve our products.

Gelato-making goes back hundreds of years, long before we had fridges or ice cream machines. The ancient Romans stored snow under the ground and used it to make frozen desserts. Gelato translates from Italian into English as ‘frozen’ and not, as many people think, as ‘ice cream’.  In the early 1900’s, in a village in the North of Italia, the first gelato carts were developed and gelato was brought to the public.

What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream?
Gelato is not the same as ice cream as it has a dense texture and is much creamier than ice cream. The denseness is due to the fact that gelato contains a lot less air due to the methods used to make gelato.

Why no brain freeze when enjoying gelato?
Gelato is served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream and therefore you will get no ‘brain freeze’ from gelato. Because ice cream is a lot colder than gelato, you will not experience the same intensity of flavours you experience when enjoying gelato.

Gelato facts
Gelato at Labonata is made from plain milk better known in Spain as “nata”, contains natural ingredients, has less fat, a more intense taste, is made from local products and is just simply a healthier option. We also have gelato which is gluten free, lactose free, or sugar free.

When in Madrid… visit Labonata.


Labonata Gelato Store Madrid

The Labonata gelato store is seen as having the best gelato in Madrid. We are located in the Plaza de Chueca area. A vibrant, cultural and colourful location, With busy streets and hip visitors. Plaza de Chueca is a nice place to visit and watch passers-by while enjoying your gelato.

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